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Glozman Law is an innovative criminal defense firm committed to achieving the best results for our clients. We conduct thorough investigations, create effective strategies, and maintain a fair balance between being aggressive and compassionate. Our approach has led to positive trial results and negotiations for clients facing serious federal and state charges.

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Areas of Practice Our Expertise

Federal Criminal Law

Finding yourself in the midst of a federal case, whether as a target of an investigation or having been charged with a federal crime is a life-changing event.

White-Collar Criminal Defense

White-collar crimes encompass a wide range of non-violent offenses that involve deceit for financial gain or abuse of a position of trust across a variety of industries.

State Felonies and Misdemeanor Defense

No matter how big or small your case is, you can be assured that it will get the time and attention it requires. The truth is that all criminal accusations are serious.

Civil Litigation and Investigations

This term covers a wide range of legal disputes and can affect individuals, businesses, government entities, and more.

Criminal Investigations & Grand Jury Proceedings

Sensitive criminal investigations necessitate a certain level of skill and judgment — a prerequisite only attained through years of experience.

Appellate and Post-Conviction Representation

Glozman Law has expertly represented cases in both federal courts of appeals and state appellate courts and works to ensure that no unjust conviction or sentence stands unchallenged.

Drug Crime Defense

Glozman Law understands the serious consequences that individuals facing drug-related charges in Chicago may encounter.

Bank Fraud Defense

At Glozman Law, we understand that a bank fraud charge can cause a rift in your professional and personal life. Our excellent legal staff has the credentials and experience to help you navigate a fraud-related indictment and obtain a positive conclusion.
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“Glozman pilloried prosecution witnesses” - Chicago Sun-Times, August 17, 2022

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Listen to the Podcast: Vadim Glozman, surviving And Thriving After The R Kelly Chicago Trial

Firm News

Former R. Kelly business manager Derrel McDavid acquitted on all counts

Recent Case Results

United States v. DM
DM, superstar musician R. Kelly’s former business manager was accused of conspiring to rig R. Kelly’s 2008 Cook County trial that resulted in an acquittal. After a nearly 5-week federal jury trial, DM was rightfully acquitted of all counts.
United States v. OD
OD, an investigator, was charged with allegedly participating in a conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 10 kilograms of cocaine with several major drug traffickers out of California. After a week-and-a-half long jury trial, OD was found Not Guilty on all counts.
United States v. AB
AB, was charged with various narcotics and firearm offense. After years of negotiations and motion practice, a federal jury found him not guilty of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense, saving him from a mandatory consecutive five-year sentence.

From Our Clients Testimonials

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"Vadim is the absolute best criminal lawyer that money can buy. Having unfortunately been indicted, I went to trial and Vadim was my trial lawyer. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He was incredibly well prepared for trial and did a tremendous job. His cross-examination of government witnesses was outstanding. As a defendant and a client, I could not have been happier. Furthermore, his representation of me did not stop after the verdict was rendered. He was available to me after trial, filing several post-trial motions for me that were SUCCESSFUL."

- Robert Lattas

"Vadim Glozman is a brilliant and very intelligent attorney. I really appreciate how hard he works for his clients. If there's ever a need for legal representation. I wouldn't call anyone else to represent me. You will be in good hands with Vadim. I was and he worked a miracle for me; I'm free because of him."

- Denia Love

"Vadim is a wonderful lawyer who truly cares about his clients. He is very knowledgeable and a skillful litigator. He made navigating the legal system seamless. Every step of the way of the way I felt confident in his ability and legal plan."

- Justin Smith

"Attorney Vadim Glozman will have your back. No matter how busy he is, he will make time for you. Vadim will address any concerns or questions you have, providing guidance and representation with great skill, competence, caring, and patience."

- Alex Gordin

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