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Drug Crime Defense

Trust Glozman Law with Drug Crime Defense

Glozman Law understands the serious consequences that individuals facing drug-related charges in Chicago may encounter. Our experienced team of criminal defense lawyers is dedicated to providing personalized legal strategies to protect our client’s rights related to drug crimes like possession, trafficking, and manufacturing. 

Though drug law in Illinois is perplexing and notably harsh, we are here to help navigate those legal complexities. Regardless of the charges, Glozman Law provides quality drug crime defense lawyers to defend your rights and ensure beneficial outcomes.

Understanding Drug Crimes in Chicago

In Chicago, drug crimes encompass a wide range of offenses related to the possession, distribution, trafficking, and manufacturing of substances. These offenses can vary in severity, from misdemeanor possession charges to felony trafficking charges, depending on factors such as the type and quantity of drugs involved, past criminal history, and aggravating circumstances.

Illinois drug laws are notoriously severe, so you’ll need a defense attorney to protect yourself from unwarranted penalties. Our Chicago-based drug crime lawyers are highly experienced in navigating the city’s regulations as well as state-wide legislation. 

Drug Possession 

Charges for drug possession involve the unlawful possession of controlled substances, such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and medications without a valid prescription. 

In Illinois, drug possession of Schedule I or II substances like cocaine, heroin, or LSD over 15 grams counts as a Class 1 Felony, which is the harshest classification for a drug-related crime. If you have over 100 grams in your possession, defendants could have an increased prison sentence of up to 100 years. 

Drug Distribution and Trafficking

Charges for drug distribution typically involve the sale, transportation, or delivery of substances with the intent to sell them to others. Charges for trafficking have a broad range of punishments depending on the substance’s classification.  

Drug Manufacturing

Drug manufacturing charges revolve around the production, cultivation, or synthesis of controlled substances, such as methamphetamine or LSD. Punishment severity for manufacturing depends on the amount of drugs in one’s possession and the drug’s classification in Illinois.  

Drug Paraphernalia 

The possession, sale, or distribution of drug paraphernalia, like pipes, bongs, and testing equipment, also may result in fines or prison sentences. Different drug paraphernalia associated with more dangerous substances like cocaine or heroin have much stricter penalties.  

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Drug Crime Defense Case Result

United States v. OD

OD, an investigator, was charged with allegedly participating in a conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 10 kilograms of cocaine with several major drug traffickers out of California. After a week-and-a-half long jury trial, OD was found Not Guilty on all counts.
"Attorney Vadim Glozman will have your back. No matter how busy he is, he will make time for you. Vadim will address any concerns or questions you have, providing guidance and representation with great skill, competence, caring, and patience."

- Alex Gordin

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In Illinois, drug misdemeanors are less serious possession crimes of substances and paraphernalia. It’s important to know your legal rights in Chicago and how to avoid a felony charge for drug usage or possession.

Though Illinois has legalized recreational cannabis in the state, there are still misdemeanor charges and regulations in place. Violations of these regulations, like owning cannabis under 21 or owning more than the permitted amount, can result in a charge. 

Other misdemeanor classifications in the state are the unlawful use of prescription drugs, like using opioids without a prescription or possessing a Schedule V controlled substance like cough preparations with less than 100 grams of codeine.   

At Glozman Law, our criminal defense drug lawyers have extensive experience representing clients facing a wide range of drug-related charges in Chicago. We understand the complexities of Illinois drug laws and the potential consequences associated with drug convictions. Our Chicago-based drug lawyers work tirelessly to build robust defense strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of each case, with the goal of securing favorable results for our clients.

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Constitutional Violations 

We thoroughly examine the circumstances of our clients’ arrests to identify any violations of their constitutional rights, such as illegal searches and seizures or Miranda rights violations, which may lead to the suppression of evidence.

Lack of Intent

In cases involving drug possession or distribution, we may argue that our clients lacked the intent or knowledge required to commit the alleged offense. We can challenge the prosecution’s ability to prove criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt, changing the severity of the consequences. 


Entrapment is a term used for officers or law enforcement who willingly coerce individuals into enacting drug-related crimes. We may assert that the officers involved in the associated charge induced our clients into committing offenses that they would not have otherwise committed.

Navigating the legal landscape of drug crimes in Chicago requires a deep understanding of state and federal drug laws, as well as the intricacies of the criminal justice system. Our team at Glozman Law has a legion of established drug crime lawyers who have boundless knowledge of Illinois drug laws, court rulings, and legal precedents.

If you are facing drug-related charges in Chicago, don’t face the legal system alone. Contact Glozman Law today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced criminal defense drug lawyers. We are committed to protecting your rights, defending your freedom, and achieving the best possible outcome for your case.

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