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Appellate and Post-Conviction Representation

Trust Glozman Law with Appellate and Post-Conviction Representation

A conviction does not always signal the end of a legal journey. For those convicted of a crime, whether federal or state, the right to appeal the conviction and subsequent sentence remains. In any given case, there is the possibility of errors — errors that could result in the reversal of a conviction, the prompting of a new trial, or a reduction of the sentence term.

Glozman Law has expertly represented cases in both federal courts of appeals and state appellate courts and works to ensure that no unjust conviction or sentence stands unchallenged.

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Appellate and Post-Conviction Representation Case Result

People v. MF

MF, while being represented by another attorney, was found guilty after a bench trial of aggravated identify theft. Mr. Glozman took on the appeal and obtained a full reversal of the aggravated identity theft charges.
"Vadim’s unwavering dedication to his clients and relentless pursuit of justice are unparalleled. His extensive knowledge, strategic thinking, and persuasive courtroom presence make him a formidable advocate for his clients."

- Joseph Conboy

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We are well-versed in the intricacies of federal and state criminal law, utilizing our ability to uncover and expose convictions and sentences based on errors made in lower courts. These errors include:

  • Incorrect evidentiary rulings, such as erroneously admitted evidence, inadmissible confessions, and failure to suppress unlawfully obtained evidence
  • Insufficiency of evidence
  • Improper jury instructions
  • Constitutional issues and depravations
  • Excessive sentences and errors in applying sentencing enhancements

To successfully appeal a conviction or sentence, delving into the entire history of the case —  including all of the evidence, trial transcripts, and court rulings — is necessary to determine the grounds for appeal. It’s important to remember that an appeal is limited to reviewing the case to ensure the law was properly applied, not to retry a case or hear new evidence.

If the appellate court upholds a conviction and sentence — and no constitutional issue exists to appeal to the Supreme Court — several other post-conviction options remain, including collateral appeals.

One of the most common collateral appeals is the Habeas Corpus Petition. The law stipulates that no one may be held in custody by federal or state governments for a conviction obtained without due process. Via Habeas Corpus, a lawyer has the opportunity to argue that one or more aspects of a conviction and/or imprisonment have violated a constitutional right.  

At Glozman Law, we have experience representing individuals in both the federal courts of appeals and state appellate courts. We are dedicated to assisting our clients regain their freedom and reputation — representing individuals convicted of both white collar and non-white collar offenses.

For any appeal, it is important to hire an attorney competent enough to thoroughly review every aspect of your case and extensively research complex legal questions and novel issues to ensure an effective appeal is filed on your behalf. We ensure that your appeal is given the attention it deserves with a comprehensive and innovative approach that produces positive results.

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