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Civil Litigation and Investigations

Trust Glozman Law with Civil Litigation and Investigations

Civil litigation is not something to take lightly. While not criminally based, the monetary damages or action sought by the proceedings is likely to disrupt the lives and reputations of those involved. The term covers a wide range of legal disputes and can affect individuals, businesses, government entities, and more.

Typically these disputes are settled through negotiations, though some may wind up going as far as a trial. If a trial is required, it is much less rigid than in a criminal proceeding, mainly due to the fact that the burden of proof is lower.

Unlike civil disputes, agency-led investigations, such as those by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, can be intimidating and time-consuming. Ignoring a SEC investigation, may lead to a lawsuit or a court order requiring actions such as restitution.

At Glozman Law, we know that presenting a convincing, evidence-based case is the best way to ensure a civil dispute victory.

Civil Litigations Matters<

We have expertise in defending against investigations and charges brought by the regulatory agencies such as SEC and CFTC. We also have experience representing Plaintiffs and Defendants in state and federal civil actions. For either situation, we will ensure that our innovative and rigorous approach will produce a favorable outcome.

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Civil Litigation and Investigations Case Result

Galich v. Advocate Health

Obtained a $45 million jury verdict on behalf of an army veteran who suffered a permanent brain injury as a result of a failed emergency room intubation.
"Vadim is a wonderful lawyer who truly cares about his clients. He is very knowledgeable and a skillful litigator. He made navigating the legal system seamless. Every step of the way of the way I felt confident in his ability and legal plan."

- Justin Smith

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Glozman Law is skilled and experienced in representing those facing civil litigations or investigations, including, but not limited to:

Civil Litigation

Our civil litigation practices focuses on representing both individuals and entities in business and commercial disputes, personal injury, civil rights, and securities litigation.

With an eye on details, while considering the big picture, Glozman Law is adept at achieving successful resolutions in complex civil matters both through trial and negotiation to make sure the clients’ most critical needs are protected.

Professional Licensing

Acquiring a professional license is no easy task — so it shouldn’t be easy to strip this achievement away. Any accusations that could cause reputational harm should be handled swiftly and with great attention to detail.

Negotiating should always be the top priority, and Glozman Law is equipped and experienced in working through the complicated dynamic of these discussions.

Asset Forfeiture

Federal and Illinois state law allows law enforcement the ability to immediately seize any property they suspect was involved in illegal activity. This regardless of the fact that the property may not even belong to the person accused of the crime — it may have been stolen or borrowed and then used in a crime.

Once law enforcement seizes property, they must show probable cause that the property was, in fact, used in a crime. The process to reclaim property can be arduous, but Glozman Law has the expertise to navigate each step to ensure no hardship is endured and the property is returned.

Title IX Representation

Title IX prohibits sex-based discrimination in any school or any other education program that receives funding from the federal government. Enacted as part of the Education Amendments of 1972, this legislation aims to protect anyone who interacts with the school or school programs, including students and faculty.

At Glozman Law, we understand that any alleged action that prompted the Title IX hearing could cause serious reputational damage and irreparable harm to any future plans. It is important for anyone facing such allegations to immediately secure representation that can guarantee their rights are not denied at any point during the investigation and hearing.

Regulatory Investigations

These types of investigations are often the result of an outside influence  — such as an ex-client — and can lead to restitution, fines, sanctions, or even a ban from the industry. To successfully defend against investigations conducted by agencies such as the SEC or CFTC, it is crucial to secure an attorney who not only has a deep understanding of the industry practices and procedures, but who is committed to limiting any reputational damage or drawn out litigation.

Glozman Law will develop an approach that is individualized and focused on negotiating the best possible resolution to the investigation and avoiding criminal charges.

Whether facing civil litigation or an SEC investigation, Glozman Law recognizes the importance of having representation willing commit the resources needed to minimize any reputational or financial damage 

We are experienced in a multitude of civil litigation areas and evaluate each unique case to understand the intricacies and develop an appropriate defense strategy.


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