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White-Collar Criminal Defense

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White-collar crimes encompass a wide range of non-violent offenses that involve deceit for financial gain or abuse of a position of trust across a variety of industries. Since these crimes are chargeable in both state and federal court, convictions typically result in lengthy prison sentences, steep fines, loss of licenses, and restitution payments. Perhaps even more devastating is the fact that professional reputations could be irreparably harmed without proper representation.

At Glozman Law, we have represented doctors, lawyers, businessmen, politicians, and numerous others in prominent positions. We understand your career and reputation are both in jeopardy and our expertise in defending white-collar crime cases will be pivotal in ensuring a favorable outcome.

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Reputations are at stake. Regardless of the charges faced, we provide trustworthy, rigorous, effective representation to obtain the most favorable outcome for each case.

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White-Collar Criminal Defense Case Result

United States v. NV

NV, Sacred Hearts Hospital’s former Vice President of Geriatric Services, was charged in an extensive kickback scheme. She was sentenced to a term of probation.
"Vadim was mentored by one of the best and well known criminal attorneys in United States history. He has tremendous experience and knowledge. He is well known in the courthouse and by the staff in the federal building. If you need him, he will always pick up the phone and always answer your questions and deal with any issues that might come up. He has a wonderful personality, amazing strength of character, he is a great family man, and an amazing father. He is extremely responsive and dedicated to his clients: a true pleasure to work with. "

- Vladimir Gordin

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While the majority of people assume white-collar crimes are simply advanced theft crimes, these offenses typically involve numerous subtle elements and are worlds apart from shoplifting or smash-and-grab robbery cases.

White-collar crimes include:


Typically, this involves exerting or obtaining unauthorized control over property — effectively blurring the line between “authorized” and “unauthorized”. For example, a company head may clearly establish authorized company credit card use, but fail to provide guidelines regarding unauthorized use.


Historically, this offense has been narrowly defined by the courts — a good example being the infamous Rod Blagojevich case. The disgraced, former governor insinuated that government offices, such as senate seats, could be sold to the highest bidders. The bribery charges against him would not have held up in court had he merely stopped at the insinuation. Instead, he proceeded to request specific items, such as cabinet or ambassador appointments — essentially ensuring his prosecution.


Put simply, fraud is a misrepresentation of current material facts for illegal gain. The most common examples are bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, healthcare fraud, and tax fraud. It’s often difficult to distinguish between unintentional mistakes and intentional misrepresentation, as the law does not require individuals to correct the incorrect assumptions of others. For example, if Person A says they work at the bank and Person B assumes that Person A is the bank’s president, it is unlikely Person A attempted to defraud Person B.

Trade Secret Theft

The misappropriation of private corporate information for financial gain, these prosecutions are often reliant on trade secret knowledge. For example, if a person leaves a report on their desk or places an unsecured file on a thumb drive, it is arguable that information therein would no longer be considered a “secret”.

Money Laundering

While this offense is typically associated with complex schemes involving immense sums of money and international shell corporations, these scenarios are anomalies. Far more prevalent are money laundering prosecutions based upon smaller transactions, such as unusual cash transactions and questionable prepaid debit card purchases. Another common misconception is that suspected money launderers are familiar with the full details of the criminal enterprise — the vast majority have no intimate knowledge of such matters.

White-collar criminal charges can be life-altering, but — with the right representation — successful resolutions are available. 

At Glozman Law, we believe there are three key components to any successful white-collar defense. These include:

  • Thorough investigation. To present an effective defense, lawyers must complete an in-depth, comprehensive examination of the case and all its components. Essentially, they must leave no stone unturned.
  • A meticulous review of the discovery and relevant, industry-specific regulations. Much like the investigatory phase of defense building, defendants will benefit from a lawyer’s diligence in this area.
  • A personalized defense strategy to either beat the case or get the charges and penalties significantly reduced. The key point to understand is that the more defenses presented — the easier it is to successfully resolve these types of cases. 

There are a few options for defense strategies, with lack of evidence the most common substantive defense. Since prosecutors must establish every element of the offense beyond any reasonable doubt, they have the highest burden of proof. Additionally, they have the burden of persuasion, meaning that it won’t be enough that evidence is merely available — it must also be convincing.

Glozman Law is one of the few criminal defense firms that has represented some of the most notorious cybercriminals ever charged in the United States. Additionally, our unparalleled experience is based upon our successful defense of individuals investigated and charged with:

  • Bank fraud
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Credit card fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Kickback schemes
  • Identity theft
  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Bribery
  • Money laundering
  • Political corruption

Regardless of the charges faced, we provide trustworthy, rigorous, effective representation to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case.

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  • Coersion/Duress

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