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Federal Criminal Law

Trust Glozman Law with Federal Criminal Law

Glozman Law focuses on representing individuals facing federal prosecution throughout all stages of litigation — grand jury investigations, verdicts, sentencing, appeals — or location. We have a history of achieving the best results for our clients with our innovative approach, thorough investigations, and mitigation of any reputational risk.

Understanding the Differences Between Federal Vs. State

The key difference between federal and state crimes: the attitude of law enforcement. While state and local authorities tend to be reactive, prosecuting only those defendants caught in “flagrante delicto” (in the act), federal law enforcement officers are more proactive — conducting long, lengthy investigations.

Since investigating agencies — FBI, DEA, USSS, ATF, IRS, HUD, DHS, etc. — often employ a slew of modern investigative techniques to solidify their case, defendants are typically unaware of impending charges until they are served with either a subpoena or a warrant.

The “how” isn’t the only thing separating federal and state crimes — the punishments also differ dramatically. While state court defendants usually serve their sentences in facilities close to home with perks like early release eligibility, complex federal cases typically end with more severe penalties including lengthy prison terms and exorbitant fines. Not to mention the personal and professional damage wrought by facing public federal criminal accusations.

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Federal Criminal Law Case Result

United States v. DM

DM, superstar musician R. Kelly’s former business manager was accused of conspiring to rig R. Kelly’s 2008 Cook County trial that resulted in an acquittal. After a nearly 5-week federal jury trial, DM was rightfully acquitted of all counts.
"Vadim is the absolute best criminal lawyer that money can buy. Having unfortunately been indicted, I went to trial and Vadim was my trial lawyer. I could not have asked for a better attorney. He was incredibly well prepared for trial and did a tremendous job. His cross-examination of government witnesses was outstanding. As a defendant and a client, I could not have been happier. Furthermore, his representation of me did not stop after the verdict was rendered. He was available to me after trial, filing several post-trial motions for me that were SUCCESSFUL."

- Robert Lattas

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Glozman Law leaves no stone unturned when reviewing the evidence. We focus on thorough pretrial investigation and preparation and do not subscribe to a templated approach. Every case is unique and deserves tenacious advocacy.

Our clients have had investigations dropped, evidence thrown out, charges dismissed, favorable plea agreements, and not guilty verdicts at trial.

We are experienced in an extensive range of federal cases, including:

Bank Fraud

An umbrella term, this typically applies to any intentional misrepresentation of current facts designed to produce unlawful financial gain. The burden lies on federal prosecutors to prove all elements of the case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Drug Crimes

The “war on drugs” persists — and federal authorities are still making thousands of arrests per year for drug possession, manufacturing, and trafficking. Cases such as these are frequently built upon circumstantial evidence.


Typically, embezzlement crimes involve those in positions of trust illegally moving funds or property for self enrichment. The complexity of financial transfers and multitude of financial accounts make cases such as these difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

Health Care Fraud

Federal prosecutors generally focus on Medicare or Medicaid fraud, but may also investigate and prosecute insurance fraud. Since mistakes like unintentional coding happen, it is essential to have aggressive representation to rule out fraudulent activity.

Immigration Fraud

The inclination of authorities is to assume paperwork irregularities equate to fraud. Historically aggressively prosecuted, these cases often result in substantial penalties, such as deportation and exclusion.

Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud

These typically lengthy cases are often exacerbated by the fact that each time a defendant licks a stamp, picks up the phone, or presses “send” a new count is added to the indictment. This myriad of charges can be intimidating for someone with inadequate representation.

Money Laundering

As with any financial crime, money laundering has countless moving parts. Key elements in these cases are often centered on the defendant’s intent with and knowledge of any funds associated with criminal activity.

Tax Fraud

While not as commonplace as in the past, these charges are associated with substantial civil and criminal penalties. The threat of such punishments can have a substantially negative effect on the individuals and businesses facing them.

Other areas of practice include:

  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Possession of illegal pornography
  • Cybercrimes
  • Trade secret theft
  • Weapons offenses
  • Kidnapping
  • Perjury
  • Obstruction of justice

Whether your case is being prosecuted in Chicago or elsewhere, securing a criminal defense lawyer who is equipped to be both a skilled negotiator and effective litigator is of the utmost importance.

While federal criminal charges can be incredibly intimidating, there are numerous cases ending with positive resolutions, including dropped investigation, not guilty verdicts, and reduced sentences. Glozman Law has amassed a tremendous amount of experience in the area of federal crime and has a proven track record of achieving the best possible results for our clients through our innovative and individualized approach.

Industry Accolades

Glozman Law has successfully represented various public officials, real estate professionals, medical professionals, and various other business owners in federal and state investigations – resulting in no charges being filed.

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