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Most Common Crimes Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chicago Handle

March 18, 2022

Common Federal Crimes

Under United States law, the prosecution of crimes is handled at both the federal level and the state level. While the majority of criminal cases fall under state law and are heard in state courts, there are also a wide array of different allegations that may be brought by federal prosecutors in federal court.

As federal prosecutors are highly trained and have additional resources at their disposal, all federal charges must be taken seriously. Here, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman highlight five of the most common charges that our federal criminal defense attorneys in Chicago handle.

1. Immigration Fraud and Immigration-Related Offenses

For the most part, immigration fraud and other immigration-related criminal offenses are handled at the federal level. In fact, immigration-related offenses are the most common federal charges nationwide. According to the United States Sentencing Commission (USSC), approximately 40% of all federal criminal charges filed in 2020 were related to immigration. These cases could be pursued as either federal misdemeanors or federal felonies depending on the nature of the underlying allegations For more information on immigration fraud charges, please do not hesitate to contact our Chicago federal criminal defense lawyers for guidance and support.

2. Drug Charges (Drug Trafficking and Distribution)

While the majority of drug charges are filed by state prosecutors, drug charges still make up a significant share of the federal criminal caseload. USSC data for 2020 shows that one-quarter of all federal criminal cases involve drug charges. A drug possession case can sometimes fall under federal law. For example, if a person is arrested in unlawful possession of a controlled substance on federal property, they could face a federal charge.

That being said, most federal drug cases tend to involve more serious allegations than mere possession. The federal government can have jurisdiction over any drug case if there was an interstate element—such as transport and/or distribution across state lines. Many felony drug trafficking cases involve federal charges. If you or someone you care about was arrested on a federal drug charge, our Chicago federal crimes defense attorneys can help.

3. Federal Tax Evasion

Americans are required to pay their taxes in a timely manner. Failure to do so can result in significant civil financial penalties. However, a person (or business) that intentionally tries to avoid federal tax obligations could face felony criminal charges that carry considerable prison time. There are a number of different federal tax fraud charges, including:

With federal criminal tax cases, a proactive approach is always best. The government does not make it a criminal penalty to be unable to pay. However, it is criminal conduct to intentionally work to avoid your federal tax liability. To learn more about your rights or your options, please contact our Chicago federal tax crimes defense attorneys today.

4. White Collar Crimes (Fraud, Embezzlement, etc)

The term white-collar crime was initially coined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to refer to a wide range of financially-motivated, nonviolent criminal offenses. White-collar criminal offenses may fall under either federal law or state law, depending on the precise nature of the allegations. Many white-collar offenses are federal crimes because they involve allegations of mail fraud and/or wire fraud.

It is a crime to use the mail service, telephone lines, or the internet in order to carry out a fraud scheme. Mail fraud charges and wire fraud charges are both state and federal criminal offenses. If you or someone you know was arrested on federal fraud charges, federal embezzlement charges, or any related offense, contact a Chicago white-collar criminal defense attorney for immediate assistance.

The Chicago white-collar criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman are here for you with superior legal defense strategies and support throughout every step of your case.

5. Firearms Charges

Firearms charges are another relatively common example of federal crimes. Most often, the federal government will get jurisdiction over firearms charges because there are allegations that the gun in question crossed state lines. It is not uncommon for federal weapons charges to be filed as part of a more comprehensive case, sometimes involving other criminal allegations, such as drug trafficking or drug distribution. The federal government takes firearms violations very seriously. Many federal gun crimes are serious felony offenses that carry potential penalties of multiple years in prison. If you or your loved one was arrested for any type of gun-related offense, contact our Chicago federal firearms defense attorney for help.

How Our Chicago Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Federal criminal charges are notoriously complex. You do not have to go against federal prosecutors on your own. At The Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman, we have the specialized criminal defense expertise that you can rely on. When you reach out to our Chicago law office, you will have a chance to consult directly with a Chicago federal criminal defense lawyer who can:

We are firmly committed to the basic principles of the American justice system: Everyone deserves their right to raise a strong, aggressive defense. With a history of successful results across a wide range of criminal cases, you can trust our Chicago federal criminal defense lawyer to handle your case with the care, focus, and personal attention that you deserve.

Contact Our Chicago Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Today

At The Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman, our criminal defense attorneys in Chicago have the professional skills and legal expertise to handle the full range of federal charges. If you or your family member was arrested on one of the most common federal charges, we can help.

Get in touch with us by phone at 312.726.9015 to arrange your confidential, no-commitment consultation. From our Chicago office, we defend federal criminal charges throughout all of Northern Illinois, including in Cook County, DuPage County, Lake County and Will County.