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Licensed professionals in Illinois have usually spent tremendous time and money to obtain the education and training to enjoy their chosen professions. After you meet all requirements to receive your professional license, you want to ensure you can keep it so you can continue to work, earn a good living, and maintain your reputation.

However, your professional license could be at risk if you are convicted of certain crimes in Illinois. If you are in this situation, you should retain an attorney to address the matter and avoid losing your license. For legal questions about disciplinary action and losing a professional license, our Chicago professional licensing defense attorneys at Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman can help today.

Crimes Of Moral Turpitude In Illinois

Many crimes in Illinois are considered crimes of moral turpitude. While state law is not specific on these crimes, the courts usually find that a crime of moral turpitude is against society’s norms and morality and goes against the duty we owe others. These crimes also are considered offensive and vile and would shock reasonable people. Licensing boards often take disciplinary action against people accused of these crimes in Illinois.

Which Criminal Convictions Can Lead To A Professional License Suspension?

Oversight of licensed professionals in Illinois is performed by the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). The department may take disciplinary action if you have a criminal conviction. The following offenses can cause a suspension or revocation of specific professional licenses:


Offenses related to driving under the influence can lead to disciplinary action by the Illinois Medical Board or the Illinois Board of Nursing. A drunk driving conviction suggests a person may struggle with alcohol or drug dependence, so these boards frown on such violations.

If you are a doctor or nurse convicted of DUI, contact Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman immediately. We can help you reduce or avoid disciplinary procedures. For instance, if you receive drug and alcohol counseling and meet other IDFPR requirements, you could keep your professional license.


Criminal convictions related to theft of money, property, or personal information can lead to disciplinary action if it relates to your profession. For instance, a doctor may face discipline and a license suspension because of a healthcare fraud conviction. Or the Illinois Real Estate Board may suspend your real estate license because you stole money from a client.

Drug Crimes

Any medical or pharmacy professional who prescribes or issues controlled substances risks their license if convicted of a drug crime. You can even be accused of drug trafficking or drug diversion, which are serious offenses in Illinois. In addition to losing your license for a drug crime conviction, you could lose your DEA registration, making it impossible to work in healthcare.

Tax Problems

You also can lose your professional license in Illinois if you have unpaid Illinois income tax. If you owe taxes and the state government issues a state tax lien, they may decide to suspend your professional license. However, the state of Illinois will send multiple letters from the Department of Revenue that your license is at risk of suspension unless you satisfy your tax debt.

If you have tax problems and a professional license, our Chicago tax lawyers can help you. We can work with you to resolve your debt and keep your professional license. For example, our attorneys can help you with the following possible tax debt solutions:

  • Set up an installment agreement to pay your debt over time.

  • Make an offer-in-compromise that may allow you to pay less than you owe.

  • If the tax liability is wrong, our attorneys can request a re-determination of your debts.

  • Discharge the tax debt in bankruptcy in limited situations.

Other Serious Offenses

Many people with professional licenses in Illinois also may face discipline for any felony conviction, including assault, burglary, violent crimes, child abuse, sex crimes, and robbery. If you have a professional license and are at risk of a felony conviction, our Chicago criminal defense attorneys will protect your rights.

What To Do If You A Healthcare Professional Are Under Investigation

If you hold a professional medical license in Illinois, your license can be suspended if you are convicted of a crime or found liable in a medical malpractice case. If the IDFPR informs you, the first step is to contact Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman for a legal consultation. The possibility of losing your medical license is terrifying, but you can still practice medicine while under investigation.

The IDFPR Investigation Process

Suppose someone files a complaint against you with the IDFPR. In that case, the department shall assign an investigator who will review the complaint and your license to determine if you have violated licensing laws. If there is a violation, they forward the matter to a prosecutor.

If the prosecutor does not find enough evidence, the matter is closed. However, if enough evidence suggests a violation occurred, the case is forwarded to the Attorney General or the Cook County State’s Attorney. A formal complaint is issued to your professional board if they schedule a disciplinary hearing.

They will decide on an appropriate punishment, including suspending or revoking your license. In addition, you may be put on professional probation or censured. If you are found guilty, you can appeal the ruling to the circuit court within 35 days.

If the department is investigating you, do not ignore it! The investigation is occurring whether you do anything or not. You must take steps to defend your professional license, which starts with contacting a Chicago criminal defense attorney. Also, only meet with the IDFPR investigator with your lawyer, or you could incriminate yourself during questioning.

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Anyone with a professional license in Illinois is at risk if they have been convicted of a crime of moral turpitude. You must report the arrest to your board that oversees the professional license. Do not delay because quickly self-reporting the arrest will help to defend your license. Speak to our Chicago professional licensing defense attorneys at Law Offices of Vadim A. Glozman today for professional license assistance at 312-726-9015

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